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Innovations in E-Cigarettes: A Look at the Latest Devices and Accessories

The demand for e-cigarettes or e-cigs has increased tremendously. Lots of people who are into traditional smoking find electronic cigarettes the safest alternative. As the number of users increases many manufacturers have developed innovative e-cig devices and accessories.

In this post, we will introduce to you the newest trends in e-cigarettes, pod vapes, disposable vapes, and vaporizers. The role of the e-cig manufacturer in the vape industry was also mentioned as well as how OEM/ODM services helped in the development of more advanced products.

Bluetooth Enabled E-Cig Device

Through a smartphone app, the user of the Bluetooth-enabled vape device can track a lost or stolen device, lock the device, and monitor usage. To use the app’s functions, users must also upload a photo of themselves and a copy of their official identification to the device.

Heat-Not-Burnt Tobacco Heating System (IQOS) 

IQOS uses advanced electronics to heat tobacco just enough to generate a nicotine-containing vapour without actually burning the tobacco. The tobacco is heated to 350o C in the THS. The THS consists mostly of three parts: a holder, a charger, and a heated tobacco unit (Heat sticks). For six minutes or 14 puffs, whichever comes first, the holder uses the heating blade to provide heat to the tobacco unit.

The newest IQOS product, IQOS MESH, features a revolutionary heating technique that uses a metallic mesh pierced with microscopic holes to heat an e-liquid cap (known as VEEV) that is already filled and sealed with nicotine and flavors. A fresh MESH heater is included in each VEEV cap, obviating the need to manually replace it.

No Heat Pod Based Vape Device

A sort of electronic cigarette or e-cigarette that doesn’t use heat to produce vapor is a no-heat pod-based vape device. Instead, it employs a method in which the liquid nicotine is deliberately combined with the aerosol without heating. Users can breathe in more comfortably and coolly as a result, which can assist prevent liquid burns and lessen the possibility of hazardous compounds in the vapor.

Use of Smart Chips


One of the newest technologies in e-cigarettes is the use of “smart chips” that allow for more control over temperature, stroke, and vapor quality. Smart chips help optimize the vaping experience by adjusting settings based on user preference and determining the right temperature for their chosen liquid. It also provides additional security and protection to devices against overheating and other possible problems.

Hit Control Feature

Hit control refers to a feature that allows users to customize their vaping experience by adjusting the intensity, temperature, or strength of the vapor produced. Many e-cigarettes, particularly advanced personal vaporizers (APVs) or “mods,” offer users the ability to control various aspects of their vaping experience, including wattage/voltage control, temperature control, airflow control.

These features are designed to give users more control over their vaping experience, allowing them to fine-tune their e-cigarettes to suit their personal preferences. It is important to note that using these settings improperly can lead to a less satisfying experience or even damage the device, so it’s essential to understand how they work and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Feelm Tech – The Latest Innovation in Atomizer

Feelm is a unique ceramic atomizer designed for closed-system pod vapes. It boasts a black ceramic conductor with thousands of microscopic pores that regulate the dimensions and spacing of each opening. This advanced design guarantees even and efficient conduction of every liquid droplet, which is then quickly vaporized by the metal film on the atomizer’s ceramic surface.

Vape Watch

A pod-based vaporizer enclosed in a timepiece-like container, created by Uwell, allows for detachment from the wrist-bound holder for use. The contemporary design includes a 2ml reloadable chamber and an internal 1.6 ohm filament with a 10W output. The elevated resistance makes it compatible with nicotine salt solutions.



Nowadays, when utilizing more sophisticated devices with the most delicate features, you can enjoy vaping because society is so cognizant of technology. As a result, the vape business has more potential for future innovation.

To take advantage of the extended vaping sessions, use rechargeable devices. If vaping is new to you, you can utilize disposable vapes like the Elf bar 1500 because they don’t need any maintenance.

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